Boulder Junction unveils plans for expanded and inclusive playground

Posted on July 4, 2022 | Katie Thoresen

Boulder Junction wants to have an inclusive and fun space for children of all ages.

It was more than 30 years ago when Boulder Junction’s playground was established in honor of John McCormick.

It hasn’t gotten a lot of updates since then.

In fact, the town has had to remove some of the playground equipment over the years as they aged and became unsafe.

“But that only leaves a few larger pieces now,” said Laura Bertch, Town Supervisor and Chairperson for the Community Playground Committee.

The Town Board recently approved a plan to expand and upgrade the playground.

“We want the playground to be safer and inclusive for all of the kids whether they’re community members or visitors to the community,” said Bertch.

The plan for playground includes four sections.

There will be different sections for different age groups as well as an inclusive area with equipment that’s accessible to all.

The project should cost around $275,000.

“The town is donating $50,000 to the project. Then we’re planning on doing some grants, taking corporate donations, public donations and doing a fundraiser or two this summer,” said Bertch.

The construction timeline will depend on donations, but Bertch hopes to be able to start in the fall.